Game Drive

From the unfathomable color of the Blue Mist to the prowling of the Leopard, the stylish stillness of the Painted Stork to the charging of the Elephant, Yala National Park is full of fragrance and ferocity. Its savage secrets date back millions of years in geological history, and are woven into myths and legends of the ancient Kingdom of Ruhuna. 

This is where the thrill of your stay with us truly begins.

Nature enthusiasts everywhere will benefit from our extensive knowledge of this land, as we guide you through hard facts of the behavior and social structures of all living things with entertaining stories. You will be moved through thorns and thickets in the utmost comfort as we perform the art of tracking both on wheels and by foot.

The language of birds, the alarm calls that identify predators lurking nearby, the biotic and abiotic components of Sri Lanka’s dry zone jungles — we will guide you through it all.

Photographic Safaris

We are aware that those who hear the call of the jungle have their own personal relationship with it, just as we do. And how can we not make special arrangements for those of you traveling with your cameras when each of us keeps ours so close at hand. 

We invite you to climb into a 1982 Land Cruiser, modified with removable seats and a forward folding windscreen, equipped with beanbags, clamps, tripods and monopods, complete with those of us who take photography seriously on board to make sure you have the right light and positioning.

We credit our teammate Indika Nettigama with the details of this specialized adventure. An experienced wildlife photographer in his own right who will go out of his way to make sure you capture the right angles.

Creative Hub

Rangers are creative and passionate; the creative hub is their playground where collectively, wildlife photography, Ceylon Wild conservation updates, educational video making and leopard abundance research profiles are all brought together in this temple of creativity. Guests are free to join our team in the creative hub to put experience to paper and merge the wilderness with an artistic form.


Join our passionate birding guides not only on game drive but also on a stroll in the vicinity of the camp to see what exciting tropical birds you can find. The birds of Sri Lanka are splashed in beautiful colours that only nature can create, and there is no better way to appreciate them than to learn about them from our experienced birding team.

Star Gazing

Like glitter thrown across a canvas, the jungle offers a clear view of the night sky. A magical experience is brought to light by our rangers as they use a lazer pointer to translate a story told by the stars.

Night Dining

Traditional cuisine is an enchantment, but served with the right ambience makes all the difference. A starry night sky and a crackling bon fire makes for the perfect dining experience that will be printed on memory.

Short Courses Hosted by Our Game Rangers

Our guides boast a lifetime of involvement with nature, each of them having started their journey along this path at a very young age. They’ve also had the honor and privilege of sharing their knowledge at Sri Lanka’s very first Game Rangers Training Program. We’ve now made this knowledge accessible to our guests as well. Should you require a short course on the complexities of nature through the eyes of any one of our rangers, all you need do is ask.

The following are a list of courses currently available during your stay with us:

Join one of our rangers on a walk through nature as you learn to track and trace a variety of animals.
Give yourself an education on the traditional beliefs and the medicinal uses of the trees and wildflowers of the dry zone.
All our rangers are passionate birders and are always up for some fun. With their help you can create a list of the birds that you spot on safari, and learn about their diets and behavior in the process.
Sit with one of our game rangers in an educational presentation in order to learn what bio-diversity really means and how Sri Lanka is so brilliant as a wildlife destination.
The next generation of rangers is being made now, and the future of wildlife conservation is in their formidable hands. This course is especially for youngsters who display a heartfelt enthusiasm for nature. Our rangers will consider themselves most privileged to fan the flames of their passion in hopes that they will grow to love and protect these lands in times to come.